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Calculation Resources for the Written Exam

Candidates for the written exam are expected to be familiar with calculations encountered in various pharmacy settings including community, hospital, compounding and industry. This is because general registration with the Pharmacy Board of Australia does not limit practice to any particular area of practice.

The following pharmaceutical texts contain calculations suitable for exam preparation.

  • Introduction to Pharmaceutical Calculations (view preview)
    By Judith A. Rees, Ian Smith, Brian Smith
    Introduction to drug dosage and other pharmaceutical calculations with worked examples, sample questions and answers.

  • Pharmaceutical Calculations Workbook (view preview)
    By Judith A. Rees, Ian Smith
    Companion to 'Introduction to Pharmaceutical Calculations'. Contains practice calculations (with answers) similar to those in pharmacy examinations and in practice.

  • Pharmaceutical Calculations: the Pharmacist's Handbook (view preview)
    By Howard C. Ansel, Shelly J. Prince
    Quick reference for pharmaceutical calculations suitable for pharmacy students and pharmacists.

  • Pharmaceutical Calculations for the Pharmacy Technician (view preview)
    By Barbara E. Lacher
    Contains range of basic and complex pharmaceutical calculations likely to be encountered in a range of pharmacy-related environments including retail, compounding and industry.

  • Practical Pharmaceutical Calculations (view preview)
    By M. C. Bonner, D. J. Wright
    Contains chapters on basic arithmetic, units of measurements, expressions of concentration, individual patient dosages. Also has self assessment calculations with fully worked answers - ideal for revision and self-assessment.

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