Mission Statement

The Medicine Box aims to assist intern pharmacists across Australia in preparing for their intern training program and pre-registration examinations. The website will achieve this through:

  • Facilitating interns in the management of study plans and organization of study notes through providing structured revision resources.
  • Establishing an interactive online community where intern pharmacists can openly discuss about their pre-registration experience, registration requirements and other pharmacy-related issues.
  • Stimulating analytical discussion from young pharmacists relating to emerging challenges confronting the pharmacy profession including clinical, ethical, legal, financial aspects.
  • Providing guidance to interns regarding diversification of career options available after registration and the prospect of further education.


Nov 2009:The Medicine Box launched specifically for intern pharmacists in NSW.
Jul 2010:The website became a national hub for young pharmacists in line with nationalisation of registration exams.
Oct 2010:A user login system was established to enable secure access to the website's resources.
Oct 2011:The website's forum was launched to provide a virtual environment where interns can communicate anonymously.
2012:The Medicine Box worked on a major revision on some of the original resources to ensure intern pharmacists are provided with the most up-to-date information possible.
Mar 2013:The Medicine Box reached 5000 users.
Present:The production team continues to work on the preparation of resources for intern pharmacists.

Editorial Process

The Medicine Box goes to a great extent to ensure that our resources are accurate, concise and up-to-date. Our summaries, revision questions, practice exam questions and other resources are continually updated to ensure intern pharmacists are provided with the latest information.