The Team

We'd like to keep ourselves a bit mysterious for now, so just some very basic information:

  • Susan Cheng - B. Pharm (Hons) MPS
  • Karen Tsang - B. Pharm (Hons) MPS
  • Kevin Li - B. Pharm MPS
  • Chee Yen Yap - B. Pharm
  • Christine Wang - B.Pharm MPS
  • Chris Mo Chen - B.Pharm MPS
  • Helen Xiaoqin Zhang - B.Pharm MPS

The Medicine Box team is based in Sydney, NSW.

Contributors to the 'Careers' section

The Medicine Box team would like to thank:

  • Jared Brown - B. Pharm (Hons) MPH MPS
  • Susan Hoe - B.Pharm (Hons), Ph.D
  • Scott Walters - B. Pharm MPS
  • Christine Wang - B. Pharm MPS
  • Marsha Gomez - B.Pharm AACPA

We would also like to thank our anonymous contributors for sharing their ideas and inspirations.