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To be prepared for the written and oral examinations, you must accumulate a detailed understanding of therapeutics, forensics, ethics and calculations. This knowledge can be acquired from the AMH, APF, other pharmacy-related texts, colleagues, preceptors and other learning experiences in the workplace.

The Medicine Box currently has the following resources available:

Clinical Topic Summaries

Topic Summary outline Full version
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Respiratory [revised on 01/09/13] N/A
Gastrointestinal [revised on 15/09/13] N/A
Thank you for everyone's support and enquiries about the availability of our topic summaries. We are currently working on developing more comprehensive summaries and we will aim to have them available as soon as possible.

Topic-by-topic Revision Questions

So how well do you really know your pharmacy texts? Challenge yourself with these topic-by-topic revision questions.

Topic Sample questions and answers Full version
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1. Allergy and Anaphylaxis
2. Anaesthetics N/A N/A
3. Analgesics
4. Antidotes and Antivenoms N/A
5. Anti-infectives
6. Cardiovascular
7. Blood and Electrolytes
8. Dermatologicals
9. Ear, Nose and Throat *coming soon* *coming soon*
10. Endocrine *coming soon* *coming soon*
11. Eye
12. Gastrointestinal
13. Genitourinary
14. Immunomdulators and Antineoplastics N/A N/A
15. Musculoskeletal
16. Neurological
17. Obstretic and Gynaecological
18. Psychotropics
19. Respiratory
20. Immunisation


Watch this space for updates and new study notes!

Remember to study other texts as well to broaden your clinical knowledge!

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