Oral Exam :: Primary Healthcare Resources

Primary Healthcare Resources

We strongly recommend for a variety of resources to be used when preparing for the oral exam. Useful references for the primary healthcare section include:

  • Pharmacist Only and Pharmacy Medicines: A Process Guide for Pharmacists
    By Tim Chen, Rebekah Moles, Beata Bajorek, Parisa Aslani
    This guide presents 36 case studies involving consumers of non-prescription medicines in a community pharmacy setting. Each scenario is divided into three main steps (i.e. information gathering, processing and delivery) to streamline patient-pharmacist interactions.

  • Counselling Guide for Non-Prescription Medicines
    By James Reeve and Mary Polack
    This book covers a range of product group modules on important primary healthcare topics. The topics are structured in a question-answer format to resemble real-life situations in the pharmacy. Included in this book are S3, S2, unscheduled and complementary medicines, as well as vitamins and minerals.

  • Self Care Fact Card Booklet
    By the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
    Self care fact cards are now available in book format. The booklet covers 82 topics and serves as an easy reference source for community, hospital and consultant pharmacists.

  • MyDr website: http://www.mydr.com.au/
    The MyDr website is a project of the MIMS Consumer Health Group. It is an Australian healthcare website which provides consumers and healthcare professionals with comprehensive articles on a variety of diseases, conditions, tests, treatments, health issues and medications.

  • eMIMS

  • Australian Medicines Handbook

  • Therapeutic Guidelines


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