Revision Resources - Oral Exam

A new oral registration examination was introduced by the Pharmacy Board of Australia on 1 January 2011 for all states and territories. Three examination periods have been scheduled this year: February/March, June/July and October/November.

Intern pharmacists may only undertake the oral examination after passing the written examination and completing 75% (i.e. 1368 hours) of the 1824 hours of supervised practice required for registration.

Candidates must demonstrate competency in both community and hospital contexts (regardless of where their pre-registration was completed) since registration in Australia does not limit the area in which a pharmacist practises.

There are four parts to the oral examination: medication knowledge and counselling (10 minutes), primary healthcare (10 minutes), legal and ethical practice (5 minutes) and problem solving and communication (20 minutes, open book). For Part 4, candidates may bring their own notes and references into the exam room. The references may be electronic or hard copies, and may contain personal annotations or marks. Access to the internet is strictly not permitted.

The Medicine Box has devised some resources to facilitate your preparation for the oral exam.

1. Medication knowledge and counselling

2. Primary healthcare

3. Legal and ethical practice

4. Problem solving and communication

Many intern pharmacists will not have the opportunity to practise in both hospital and community settings during their pre-registration year. If you're in community pharmacy and would like to meet some new hospital pharmacy friends (or vice versa), you can post your details on our Facebook discussion forum to form a study group.

For specific details on exam dates and changes to exam structure, please refer to the Pharmacy Board of Australia.

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