Your life. Your future.

Ever thought about what else you could do with your pharmacy degree besides community and hospital pharmacy? Does work ever become mundane and monotonous? Do you ever feel as though you're not getting anywhere? Are you going to do the same type of job for the rest of your life? What other career opportunities are there? Which path is the right one for you? How can you get to where you want to be?

The Medicine Box would like to introduce you to some colleagues who have taken the 'other path' after completing their pharmacy degree. We'd like you to take a glimpse into their lives to see what they've been up to. Let's see what our friends have to say about their career choices.

Launch your career!

So you want to break into the pharmaceutical industry, you've seen an interesting advertisement on and you want to give it a shot? Perhaps you've applied for a few already but haven't had many replies? Had some close calls? What are employers really looking for? How can you convince them that you're the right person?

Due to high demand, the Medicine Box will introduce a series of articles in 2013 on how to get into the pharmaceutical industry.

Our series will feature:

  • How to produce a professional-looking CV tailored to your strengths
  • How to write a cover letter that will your potential employer want to find out more about you
  • How to make an impression at your interview

Part 1: CV writing - play it to your advantage [released in March 2013]